EM Security Systems

EM Security Systems

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Our EM pedestals are an alternative solution to RFID Library Security. EM has been used for decades and is a highly secure detection system. The BMI anti-theft system is a new state-of-the-art high-tech electronic unit exhibiting innovative operation and with extremely high detection rates.
Due to phase sequencing in the four independent transmitting antennas within each pedestal, creates a three-dimensional magnetic field, allowing detection of electromagnetic tags or labels in any orientation. BMI’s operational frequency is 200 Hz.

The three-dimensional detection field, unique only to BMI, cancels almost all “dead zones”, which many competitive EM systems have.

BMI advanced electronics and sophisticated software, based on digital signal analysis, makes BMI capable of detecting the tags and labels even in very noisy electromagnetic environments avoiding false alarms.

Our EAS gates are based on a unique 3D-field sequencing technique which allows tags to be detected in virtually any direction within the surveillance zone.

In addition we also supply the EM tail tags for the security systemsbook~strip

Tail-Tag is a double-sided adhesive strips with tails. The tag is used for paperback books, journals, magazines and some hardcover books. Tyvek™ backing helps to conceal the security strip. Longer tails provide easier, better handling and tails don’t stretch

Our most popular library book tag product is the 165mm tail-tag. This ultra slim, double sided adhesive strip is designed to be inserted between the pages of books and journals

Extra-long release-fabric ‘tails’ facilitate the easier insertion of the adhesive strip deep into the gutter, making visual detection by thieves virtually impossible.

Our tags comply entirely with long established international defacto standards for EM library security tags, and are entirely compatible with all non-TagitTM systems and tags.

If you wish to protect ‘reference only’ media, we supply a range of non-deactivatable security tags, ideal for these applications.

EM CD-DVD Disc Tag

CDs and DVDs
CD/DVD, MM/EM Security Label, composed of a one-part circular label that is applied directly to the CD or DVD. For maximum label detection, two MM security strips are adhered at right angles to the underside of the self-adhesive. This allows for better detection than the typical parallel strip placement. The label can be applied to any CD or DVD with single sided data recording.