RFID Pedestals

RFID Pedestals

Superior Performance – Luxury Crystal Clear Design

S A Secure Crystal Clear RFID security pedestals provide the ultimate in detection performance and robust yet elegant aesthetics. Sculpted from solid polished plexi-glass, the slim, stylish Crystal Clear system provides outstanding RFID tag detection with an extra-wide pedestal spacing option. This important performance advantage is a key benefit in providing the maximum open access at library entrances. With advanced control systems technology developed on the basis of extensive international client experience, our security pedestals set the standard in detection, reliability and modularity. From a simple single-door exit, to a seven metre wide mall-style walkway, the Crystal Clear provides complete flexibility to meet your needs. Providing universal data compatibility and interoperability with current and future SIP2 conforming library management systems, our luxury security pedestals provide total assurance on your library’s compatibility with future RFID developments.


  • Super-slim crystal clear design
  • Can be used in either EAS or AFI mode
  • Adjustable alarm time
  • ISO 15693 and 18000-3 compliant
  • Super-fast RFID tag detection
  • Supports all SIP2 LMS options
  • Future-proofed for I-Code roadmap
  • Configurable from two to five pedestals
  • Power required – 230v AC, 50 Hz
  • Dimensions, 152 x 38 x 12 cm
  • Weight, 15 Kg (33lbs) per pedestal
  • Full CE approval


  • The ultimate in luxury pedestals
  • Superior detection performance
  • Extra wide aisle option available
  • Extra high aisle option available
  • Contemporary rugged design
  • Universal LMS/RFID compatibility