RFID Kiosks

RFID Kiosks

Robust and easy to use – ideal for schools

The S A Secure RFID self-serve kiosk for school library patrons provides the friendliest and most comprehensively effective RFID self-serve station available. With software and ergonomic design perfected through an international client base of experience, the self-serve kiosk makes the tasks of issuing, returns, and all manner of patron enquiries, easy, quick and sure. We know from practical experience that it is quite literally ‘child’s play’ to use our self-serve stations, and all those seriously interested in satisfying DDA requirements will instantly recognise that we have put the needs of wheelchair users at the centre of an RFID Self-Serve kiosk that is eminently suitable for ALL library users. Using our self-serve kiosk is a real pleasure, with its intuitive screen prompts and simple touch-screen responses. Even the most ‘difficult to please’ adults have been known to get a buzz from using it. Self-service ‘that really works’ is so much better for everyone than waiting in a queue at the librarian’s overloaded service counter. Our self-serve kiosks provide library users with a genuine sense of increased autonomy, responsibility and freedom. S A Secure RFID self-serve stations actively promote a greater sense of patron involvement, and positively encourage increased and responsible use of library and learning centres resources – especially at those predictable peak traffic periods. And, let’s not forget, they also drastically reduce the drudgery of hardworking library staff, freeing them to concentrate on more positive and rewarding duties. Our self-serve stations deal efficiently with RFID tags, barcodes, biometrics and magnetic swipe cards; and the incredibly fast RFID reader makes light work of processing multiple items. Providing universal compatibility with all SIP2 conforming library management systems – the S A Secure RFID kiosk, through comprehensive conformance with all relevant international standards, provides complete assurance on your library’s compatibility with future RFID developments.


  • Fast and friendly touch screen operation
  • Bio-metric, barcode & mifare compatible
  • Full borrowing & return functionality
  • Secure control of multi-part sets
  • Integrates with all reputable LMS options
  • External colour and design flexibility
  • Transaction receipt printing
  • Patron history of active books
  • Ethernet networking
  • Power requirements, normal 220 v AC
  • Short-cut to Eclipse.net search facility
  • Full external access support
  • Achievable transaction time, 10 seconds
  • Complete DDA compliance assured


  • Outstanding quality and aesthetics
  • Complete DDA compliance
  • Fully ISO RFID standards compliant
  • Universal LMS compatibility