RFID Labels

RFID Labels

S A SecureTM rewritable RFID Supertags have been developed specifically to maximise increased productivity and efficiency in libraries, while conforming fully with the requirements of international standards (ISO) for RFID systems in libraries. Each tough but super-thin tag contains a 13.56 MHz transponder and a fully rewritable memory chip that can be programmed and reprogrammed with all the information required for stock management and circulation control etc. The high performance of our international standards conforming RFID Supertags, provides for the quick and easy checkout and return of multiple items, and multi-part media sets. The essential benefits of self-check stations, automated sorting, inventory management, and security are provided by our superior quality RFID technology. Our transponders are specifically designed to provide superior detection performance in conjunction with RFID security pedestals, and are provided to conform with the data model recommendations of ‘The UK National Profile’.

S A SecureTM RFID tags come in a comprehensive variety of formats to suit the specific needs of a wide range of library media including: Hardback, paperback, spiral bound, CDs, DVDs Video and Audio cassette. Special adhesive options, to suit our customer’s particular requirements are also available.


  • ISO 15693 and 18000-3 compliant
  • Book Tag dimensions 80x49mm
  • Chip type, NXP supports ISO 28560-2
  • Read-Write with block protection
  • Data structure, 28 blocks, 4 bit blocks
  • Minimum fifty year life
  • Integrates with all SIP2 LMS options
  • Future-proofed for I-Code roadmap
  • Data retention, 50 year life expectancy
  • Read/write speed, 100/150 millisec
  • User memory, 896 bit with I-code SLI-X


  • Developed specially for library security
  • Simple, quick and easy to apply and use
  • Permanent and other adhesive options
  • Superior security performance
  • Supports ‘The UK National Profile’
  • Designed for easy stock management
  • High-speed reading for ‘Self-Serve’
  • Supports RFID automatic-sorting robots