RFID Staff Station

RFID Staff Station

RFID performance for your librarian’s workstation

The S A Secure RFID Staff Pad provides the most user friendly and comprehensive, RFID enhancement to your (non RFID) librarian workstation. With software, hardware, and ergonomic design perfected through international client base experience, the S A Secure Staff Pad makes the tasks of barcode conversion, issuing, returns, and all manner of stock and patron data processing operations, easy, quick and sure. Capable of dealing flexibly with RFID tags, barcodes and biometrics, the RFID Staff Pad’s super-slim reader pad makes light work of processing multiple items. Quick and secure programming, and re-programming, of RFID tags is achieved with the minimum of fuss; and patron identities quickly processed using barcode, biometric or magnetic stripe readers Providing universal compatibility with all leading and SIP2 conforming library management systems, the S A Secure staff workstation, through its dedicated support of international standards, provides complete assurance on your library’s compatibility with future RFID developments,


  • ISO 15693 and 18000-3 compliant
  • RFID tag, barcode/magnetic compatible
  • Processes multiple media formats
  • Comprehensive use of SIP2 fields
  • Secure control of multi-part sets
  • Integrates with all SIP2 LMS options
  • Future-proofed for I-Code roadmap
  • Simple single USB connection
  • Power requirements, normal 220 v AC
  • Multi-lingual, with full unicode support
  • Full external access support
  • Achievable transaction time, 10 seconds


  • Simple, quick and easy to use
  • Refined screen graphics
  • Universal LMS compatibility
  • Flexible options for patron ID
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Robust and secure transactions
  • Future conformance assured